People Involved in Giving Tuesday Ireland

GivingTuesday is an opportunity for you to contribute back to the organisations who have worked hard in your community throughout the year.

You can get creative with your giving. Try something new, or something wild, or something challenging. Give how you want to give!

Want to learn more about GivingTuesday and ways you can give back? Check out our resources  to find out how you can get more involved in the movement.


Volunteering your time can help charities who often have tasks which require lots of hours from volunteers.

If you work in an in-demand profession, such as web development or legal advice, you can potentially ask your workplace to release you for the day to volunteer.

Giving Your Time for Giving Tuesday Ireland


Goods are important for community organisations that need normally expensive or rare items. It's also a great opportunity to reuse pre-loved items.

Clothing and furniture are widely accepted by charity shops. Donations of goods can also be blood donations, or maybe you can sign up to the organ donor registry this year.

Giving Goods for Giving Tuesday Ireland


Financial donations are a great way to ensure charities can continue running their programs. Donations don't always have to be large to make a difference.
Regular donations, given monthly or fortnightly, also help charitiess plan ahead

Donating for Giving Tuesday Ireland


Some causes require people to speak up and speak out in order to create the change necessary to improve people's lives, or our environment.

You can give your voice through letter writing, attending or organising a peaceful protest, or speaking to your elected official.


Giving Voice for Giving Tuesday Ireland

 Download the toolkit below for ideas on how to get involved and make a difference